Nyaruref blog is gone

I've recently checked to see the blog but the blog has been taken down. So I'm planning to move the blog's content into this wikia. This might give this wikia some more traffic as well.

For now i'm moving the texts only, the links and images will follow.

Note: when uploading the images from Nyaruref to this Wiki please name them in this format:
Ref-S1-E1-1 (the S being it's season, the E is the episode's number, the 1 is the image's number)
for OP and ED use Ref-S1-Sp-1
for OVAs use Ref-S1-OVA-1
for the F movie use Ref-F-1 (the number is the image's number)
and for that one LN reference page use Ref-LN-1