Lost Girl from the Stars
Episode 11
Thm story11
Kanji 星から訪れた迷い子
Rōmaji Hoshi kara Otozureta Mayoigo
Date Released June 19, 2012
Opening Song Taiyou Iwaku Moeyo Chaos
Ending Song Zutto Be with You
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Because of Nyaruko's kiss attack on Mahiro, he finds it hard to ever have a quiet life again. Yoriko dropped off a lost rich deity girl named Ghutatan and her butler Lloigor at Mahiro's home, which causes problems for Nyaruko and the others. Seeing Ghutatan as a sister figure, Mahiro protects her from a gang of Shoggoth but appraises Nyaruko of her job. Ghutatan questions Mahiro about loneliness.