He waits dreaming
Episode 12
Thm story12
Kanji 夢見るままに待ちいたり
Rōmaji Yume Miru Mama ni Machiitari
Date Released June 26, 2012
Opening Song Taiyou Iwaku Moeyo Chaos
Ending Song Zutto Be with You
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Episode 11

Mahiro is trapped in a time loop and there seems to be no one around. Reminiscing all the fun things he had with Nyaruko and the others, he realized he truly wants them by his side. It is then revealed that his partners are trapped in a mirror and Mahiro is petrified by Lloigor, who is revealed to be evil and the one who orchestrated the Shoggoth; forcing Ghutatan to grant Mahiro's wish to live alone and steal Earth's entertainment and adult games. The gang must defeat Lloigor once and for all. In conclusion, life goes back to normal with Ghutatan apologizing to Mahiro. The friends serve a barbecue.