Like a Close Encounter of the Third Kind
Episode 1
Thm story01
Kanji 第三種接近遭遇、的な
Rōmaji Dai-san-shu Sekkin Sōgū, teki na
Date Released April 10, 2012
Opening Song Taiyou Iwaku Moeyo Chaos
Ending Song Zutto Be with You
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Like a Close Encounter of the Third Kind (第三種接近遭遇、的な Dai-san-shu Sekkin Sōgū, teki na?) is the first episode of the Haiyore! Nyaruko-san anime series.

Summary Edit

Mahiro Yasaka who was living a quiet life is chased by a wicked alien when the Nyarlathotep in the form of a silver-haired girl saved him. Explaining her lineage and the universe of H. P. Lovecraft, she declares herself to be Mahiro's protector, since aliens including Nyarlathotep find him and the Earth strangely attractive, for entertainment, auction or slavery, and she forcefully moves into his home. He gets more than he bargained for. When things couldn't get bothersome for Mahiro, Nyarlathotep transfers to his school under the name "Nyaruko Yasaka" acting as his relative and his wife.