The War in the Market
Episode 6
Thm story06
Kanji 大マーケットの中の戦争
Rōmaji Māketto no Naka no Sensō
Date Released May 15, 2012
Opening Song Taiyou Iwaku Moeyo Chaos
Ending Song Zutto Be with You
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Nyaruko is left fighting Kuuko. Mahiro finds that his mother was kidnapped for her expertise with game consoles to produce more entertainment by Luhy Distone for her employment. Turns out Hasuta's father also wanted Yoriko for his rival game company he runs in space. However the situation ended up being more messed up than it seems. Hasuta decides to enroll at Mahiro's school too. Afterwards, the gang goes to the beach and hot springs where Nyaruko makes another attempt to seduce Mahiro.