Tamao Kurei is Mahiro, Nyaruko, Kūko, and Hasuta's classmate. She is the main representative of the Newspaper Club, and is always ready to gather the scoop on a situation that she is not afraid to spread, much to the chagrin of some other characters. For this, she was easily nicknamed as "The Walking Speaker". Very talkative, likes to gather and spread gossip among the class. She became a close friend to Nyaruko and often gives advise for her to pursue Mahiro, despite often feeling depressed as her plans fail. She actually has feelings toward Mahiro, but decided to give up and support Nyaruko since she feels that she is no match for her.

Appearance Edit

Kurei has a single ponytail that drapes down to her neck when she ties it up, and nape length hair when it's not tied up. Her bangs hang down the sides of her face, two that reach eye-level and two that reach her neck. She ties it all up with a yellow bowtie. Her eyes and her hair both share the same color, that is, brown. She possesses a uniform exactly like that of the other girls' uniforms in the series. That is, a light blue jacket with white accents, a pink necktie, a brown checkered skirt and knee-length socks.

Personality Edit

Kurei is not often seen or expounded on in the series initially. However, her appearances prove her to be an easygoing and fun character who likes to gossip. Furthermore, she has many private moments where she confesses her personal love of Mahiro to herself and the alien that once possessed her. Otherwise, she is also most likely one of the only other "normal" characters in the series. 

Abilties Edit

She is a normal human. However, her physical capabilites during the time she was possessed by an alien were far higher and stronger than that of ordinary people. If she had any other ability to name, it would be the ability to spread gossip like wildfire. She also cheers Nyaruko up whenever she doesn't feel like Mahiro loves her back.